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Protect Your Home

Quality Generator Installation Services in San Antonio, TX

Power outages are expected during the year. Ensure your peace of mind by getting a home generator. At Firefly Electric Service, we’re a leading provider and installer of power generators in Antonio, TX.

Our team is fully licensed, trained, and skilled. We can tackle your generator installation services with unmatched workmanship. We evaluate your home to help you choose the perfect match for your budget.


We offer a 3-Year Warranty on Generators

Home Generator Installation You Can Trust

Losing energy for extended periods is a significant inconvenience. Without power, your appliances and security system are left useless. For this reason, consider getting a generator to be always prepared for emergencies.

Whether you choose a whole-home generator or portable backup generator, we’ve got you covered! We also provide quality solutions for commercial properties.

Some benefits of power generators include:

  • Increases your home’s value.
  • Protection from hazardous voltage fluctuations.
  • Reduces insurance cost.
  • Keeps you comfortable in emergencies.
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Team Up With Our Generator Company

Looking for an experienced electrician in San Antonio, TX? We’re here to help you! Our team provides generator installation services tailored to your needs.

We’ll deliver the professional assistance and exceptional customer service you deserve. We serve both commercial and residential properties using the latest technology.